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Foresighting Forum

Our annual forum brings together the whole energy sector to work collaboratively on key issues affecting the long term interests of consumers.

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2018 highlights

We bring together...

State and federal governments, regulators , community organisations, traditional and new energy businesses, and representatives of all energy consumers in the National Energy Market.

Together we...

Collectively identify and understand difficult and complex problems. Working from a position of principles and evidence, we collaborate to find solutions that shape the policy, regulatory and market decisions to promote the long term interests of energy consumers.

We do this because...

Working through the policy, regulatory and market decisions needed to meet energy consumer expectations at no more cost than is necessary is crucial to the long term resilience of the energy sector and will be at the core of a successful transition for the energy sector, consumers and small businesses.


Collaborating to solve wicked problems in the energy sector.

Discussing consumer satisfaction, confidence, intentions and experience.

Understanding the focus and forward agenda of the COAG Energy Council.

Foresighting Forum 2019

Building on this year’s Foresighting Forum, preparations are well underway for next year’s event, to be held on 20 – 21 February 2019 at Aerial Function Centre, UTS. Recognising that data is a critical enabler of choice and shifting power to consumers, our theme for 2019 is:

Take charge: Data powering better energy outcomes for consumers.

Given the popularity of our forum and keen interest of the sector to be involved, we are inviting potential speakers to submit an abstract to address Foresighting Forum 2019. The Program Development Committee is keen to hear from energy sector participants, as well as consumer experts from other sectors, such as banking and telecommunications, whose insights would be valuable to the current energy sector.

The Program Development Committee has assisted us in developing a framing for the Forum with an overall theme of trust and confidence. The frame then approaches the issue through four lenses:

These lenses are then applied to three domains; the individual, the organisational and the system as a whole.

More information about the planned program and framing can be accessed here.

This framing indicates our areas of interest, but we are open to receiving abstracts on any topic addressing the Forum theme. Abstracts are to be submitted here, and are due by Friday, 12 October, 2018.

Other points to note:

Foresighting Forum 2018

The theme of Foresighting Forum 2018 was Take charge: Shifting power to consumers in the using, making and trading of energy. The forum hosted in Sydney across February and March brought together consumer advocates, government and industry to discuss the interests of residential and small business energy consumers.

The forum generated a vast amount of content rich material. In the spirit of knowledge sharing we have made it available as an online resource for the benefit of stakeholders working in the energy sector.

Plenary and session summaries



Presentation documents

Plenary 1 Opening address

Plenary 2 -The Affordability Challenge

Plenary 3 -Retail Outcomes for Consumers

Session 1A -Energy efficiency & behaviour change

Session 1B - New energy services and programs for energy efficiency

Session 2A -Shape, shift and shed - taking down the peak

Session 2B - New energy services and programs for peak shaping, shifting and shedding

Day 2 opening remarks

Plenary 7