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Power Shift helps industry and government to deliver programs and products that help vulnerable households use energy efficiently.

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We bring together...

Industry, government, consumer advocates and experts to identify the energy efficiency approaches that offer greatest benefit to households, as well as how best to ensure consumers can access them.

Together we...

Will produce high-quality research and collaboration across the sector in order to
• Improve our evidence-based understanding of what really works in supporting vulnerable consumers to manage their energy bills
• Identify opportunities for market-led solutions and other initiatives to support consumers to manage their energy bills.

We do this because...

As energy prices increase, households should be confident they are using energy efficiently - but not at the expense of a household’s health or well-being. Power Shift will use the rich evidence base of the Low Income Energy Efficiency Program (LIEEP) to encourage industry and government to develop products and programs that help consumers minimize bills and protect their health and safety.

Foundational research to identify the key characteristics and learnings of the 20 LIEEP pilots.

Collaborating with key stakeholders, including a Project Reference Group with members from consumer advocacy organisations, industry, government and academia.

Developing an Australian framework to map all the benefits of energy efficiency including health.

About Power Shift

Energy Consumers Australia has received Commonwealth Government funding of $2 million over three years to undertake Power Shift – an independent review of the LIEEP findings, as well as complementary research.

The 20 LIEEP pilots trialled a variety of energy efficiency initiatives and communications strategies aimed at helping people make energy decisions.(i.e. changing consumption to decrease energy costs, or increase thermal comfort). A report was produced on each pilot, which can be downloaded from the Department of Environment and Energy website – click on LIEEP to access them all.

Department of Environment and Energy: LIEEP Pilot Reports

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Multiple Impacts of Energy Efficiency

Multiple Impacts of Energy Efficiency

Power Shift: Research Reports

Driving Change: What caused low-income consumers to change

Driving Change: What caused low-income consumers to change

GEER Australia reviewed the Low-Income Energy Efficiency Program - 20 pilots that trialled 44 initiatives to help low-income households manage their energy usage.


Multiple Impacts of Energy Efficiency An Assessment Framework

Multiple Impacts of Energy Efficiency An Assessment Framework

The Framework is a tool to help managers and designers of energy management programs to define and capture the full suite of benefits that arise when households are given the capacity to manage their energy.