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Knowledge and Capacity Gap Analysis

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To help potential grant applicants understand the areas of research and advocacy where we’d like to see impactful projects making a difference, we are releasing Knowledge and Capacity Gap Analysis documents. These will be essential reading for anyone considering applying for funding under Energy Consumers Australia’s Grants Program.

1- Gas Transition Analysis

If Australia is to achieve its net zero emissions targets by 2050, households and small businesses will need to eliminate their use of fossil fuel gas for heating, hot water, and cooking.

The alternative pathways to replacing natural gas are electrification or hydrogen, produced using renewable energy.

For consumers, the pace of change and the ability to easily and affordably switch away from using natural gas matters.

This will require consumers to be well informed about the alternatives, before their appliances fail, and have the means to finance replacement appliances and the changes that will need to be made to wiring and plumbing.

Industry and the supply chain will need to have the skills and capability to support the transition.

Governments have an important role in ensuring that the transition is fair and that those with the least resources aren’t left to bear the burden of the costs.

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