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Stakeholder Forum: Canberra


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Energy Consumers Australia brought together industry representatives, policy makers and consumer advocates to the Board’s Stakeholder Forum in Canberra to discuss the interests energy consumers in the ACT and across Australia. Below we’ve made the presentation resources available for the benefit of stakeholders.

Video: What is something that can be done to improve energy consumer outcomes in the ACT?

Multiple-Impacts-of-Energy-Efficiency Stakeholder Forum: Canberra

Multiple Impacts of Energy Efficiency: ACIL Allen

Consumer-IT-and-Energy Stakeholder Forum: Canberra

Consumer IT and Energy: Steve Blume

Canberra-as-a-100-per-cent-Renewable-City-Stephen-Bygrave Stakeholder Forum: Canberra
Canberra as a 100-per cent Renewable City: Stephen Bygrave

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